power oatmeal bowl with figs on top of striped background

Power Oatmeal Bowl

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w/ Fresh Figs, Hemp and Cacao Nibs

Let’s face it, no matter how much sleep we get, we’re never quite ready to get out of bed… especially on a weekday. One thing that always serves as incentive to get up and at ‘em? A good breakfast. If said breakfast is equal parts nutritious and delicious, we’re all over it. We’re all about custom bowls of warm oatmeal loaded with yummy toppings for this exact reason. This Power Oatmeal Bowl with fresh figs, hemp and cacao nibs satisfies all of our morning cravings and keeps us going until lunch. That’s reason enough to keep us away from the snooze button!

Recipe and image courtesy of by CHLOE. Chef Contributor, Lauren Kretzer.


1/3 cup old fashioned rolled oats

1/3 cup unsweetened non-dairy milk

1/3 cup water

¼ tsp vanilla extract

pinch sea salt

1 tsp coconut butter/coconut manna

2 tsp hemp seeds

2 tsp pure maple syrup


1 Tbsp dried cherries

1 tsp raw cacao nibs

1 tsp unsweetened shredded coconut flakes

2 fresh figs, stemmed and quartered

1 Tbsp almond butter


Stem and quarter fresh figs.


In a small pot, combine rolled oats, non-dairy milk, water and bring to a boil.

Immediately reduce heat to a simmer and add vanilla extract and pinch of sea salt.

Let cook until most liquid has been absorbed and oats are cooked, about 6 minutes.


Remove from heat and immediately add coconut butter, hemp seeds, and pure maple syrup. Stir to combine.


Scoop oatmeal into a small bowl and top with dried cherries, cacao nibs, shredded coconut flakes, and quartered fresh figs.

Drizzle almond butter and serve immediately.


Power Oatmeal Bowl will keep in an air-tight container in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.