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Q+A w/ Founder, Tal Zvi Nathanel

Hold onto your hats, folks! by CHLOE. is bringing you to the greatest show on earth!

We’re getting a new location, but this time things are different. THRILLS by CHLOE. is a carnival/fun-house inspired experience where you can try our newest products (think: Dunkaroos and Candy Floss), and be amused by our funhouse mirrors, life-size avocado, neon rainbows and SO MUCH MORE! We’ll be here serving up the unexpected, showing-off a completely new and fresh side of our plant-based personality.

We are THRILLED (get it?) to be a part of the SHOWFIELDS flagship location, with a bunch of other amazing brands. Check out our Q+A with Co-Founder and CEO, Tal Zvi Nathanel, to learn more!

Come see us at 11 Bond St. in NYC!


Tal Zvi Nathanel.


By CHLOE: Hi Tal! Thanks for chatting with us. Please introduce yourself.

Tal: Hi, I am Tal. A father (of four kids), the founder (of SHOWFIELDS), and a husband (of one rockstar wife who made the first 2 possible!).


bC: Tell us how SHOWFIELDS came about? What inspired this idea?

Tal: Two years ago when my wife and I discovered that our third child was going to be twins (meaning four kids under five years old), I decided I needed to take a breath and think about what I wanted to do when I grew up. At that point, I had been living in NYC for four years and saw a big gap (and a lot of GAP’s) between how I (a kid who grew up idolizing NYC) imagined retail and what it actually looked like. My Instagram feed had become more interesting than any other store out there and I wanted to know why? And by asking, I started on the journey that became SHOWFIELDS.


bC: How is SHOWFIELDS different from other multi-brand stores? 

Tal: It’s a great question! So going back to my experience in NYC, one thing that stood out was the fact that nearly all multi-brand environments are more focused on the hosting brand and less centered around the brands themselves. I found this strange because I think a lot of people (myself included) go to a department store to discover and experience the distinct brands. With SHOWFIELDS, we asked whether we could ‘flip the formula’ and create a model that was entirely focused on the brands and their story. Our aim was to create an inspiring space for discovery-one that would introduce shoppers to the brands of tomorrow in an engaging setting. Once our mission was clear, we knew we needed to build the tools and technologies for us to show up differently, and so we did.


bC: How did you choose the brands that SHOWFIELDS would host? What characteristics were important to consider in your selection process?

Tal: We recognized that for our experience to make sense to the consumer, our brands had to share a similar DNA-so we approached brands that were consumer-centric, design-oriented, and mission driven. We wanted a mix of brands you might have heard about and some that will be brand new and give you a reason to return again and again.


bc: So, what other brands can we anticipate to see on opening day? 

Tal: Our launch brands include by CHLOE., Quip, Gravity, frank body, Function of Beauty, Boll & Branch, CITYROW, Nuria, and It’s By U.


bC: What is the future of SHOWFIELDS? How do you see your brand in 5 years from now?

Tal: In 5 years, there will be multiple SHOWFIELDS in every major city in the world, allowing brands to cross oceans easily and enter new markets, and allowing customers to meet new brands they couldn’t have discovered before.


bC: What do you do during your free time? Any hobbies?

Tal: My time is split between SHOWFIELDS and my family, which is now four kids under six. But when possible, we make time to explore the 3Ms: museums, movies, and music. And that’s the best because I can do all of those things with my kids.


bC: Favorite thing to do in NYC?

Tal: Definitely research aka retail therapy.


The SHOWFIELDS Founding Team.



Nickname? The Wizard.

Favorite place on earth? Where my small family is.

Favorite meal? My wife’s meatballs.

Secret talent? Puns.

 Early bird or night owl? Night owl.

3 favorite restaurants? Café China, Au Za’atar, and Cipriani.

Choice superhero power? Batteryman, A dude who never needs to charge any device! And also spend his day charging people in need.

Juice or smoothie? Smoothie.

3 objects you can’t live without? My phone, glasses, and suspenders.