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Nice Needles

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Acupuncture 101 W/ WTHN

In general, needles have negative connotations… like flu shots, blood tests and other uncomfortable doctors office procedures that tend to be a little anxiety-provoking. For many, just the sight of a needle is enough to feel woozy…

GUESS WHAT? We’re about to change your perception of needles once and for all. How, you might ask? Through acupuncture; a non-invasive procedure that uses needles as tools for healing. The by CHLOE. team visited NYC’s first and only acupuncture studio, WTHN, for a treatment, and we were shocked by the clear results of this seemingly abstract practice. Before we experienced the effective powers of acupuncture, we had a lot of preconceived notions about the practice. We asked the team members of WTHN to debunk some of the most commonly held acupuncture myths, to give us some peace of mind.

Get the facts below!



ACU-MYTH: Acupuncture hurts or is uncomfortable.

ACU-FACT: Acupuncture does not hurt! Although there may be sensation in certain points, there isn’t any pain, and often times our WTHN clients report taking amazing naps during their acu sessions. Acupuncture needles are also totally different than hospital needles – they are thinner than a human hair and you can fit 40 acu needles into one hypodermic needle.


ACU-MYTH: Acupuncture is best for people with chronic pain and injuries.

ACU-FACT: Acupuncture treats hundreds of conditions. If you have a body, acupuncture is for you! From pain to pregnancy, immunity, stress, beauty, sleep, fatigue, digestion and beyond, acupuncture helps you live an empowered, healthy life.


ACU-MYTH: If you don’t feel better after one treatment, acupuncture isn’t right for you.

ACU-FACT: Acupuncture treats acute as well as chronic conditions. Oftentimes, the longer you’ve had a condition, the longer it will take to restore your body to function and balance. So, just because you don’t notice instant relief (which many people do, btw), it doesn’t mean that acu isn’t doing it’s job. So while it may take more than 1 session to treat the root cause of your symptoms, at a minimum, you can expect to feel relaxed and rejuvenated after your first session.


ACU-MYTH: Acupuncture is a placebo effect.

ACU-FACT: Animals are some of acupuncture’s best clients. Bye bye placebo myth.


ACU-MYTH: Acupuncture conflicts with conventional medical treatments.

ACU-FACT: Acupuncture compliments many western medical treatments such as egg freezing and IVF. It also helps cancer patients going through chemo and radiation with nausea and fatigue. And, it helps speed up recovery after surgery.



Okay so, what did we think? Although definitely uncertain at first, the by CHLOE. team thoroughly enjoyed acupuncture at WTHN. Lying down in a comfortable private room, the certified specialists helped calm our nerves and ease suspicions about the process and outcome. After chatting about our intentions and specific pain-points (physical and mental), the specialist started the needle process. We could barley feel a thing! Lying there listening to soft music, we felt incredibly calm and relaxed. 60 minutes flew by.

Looking to add some wellness into your routine? Whether you need acute relief or more of a meditation, it’s definitely worth giving acupuncture a “shot.”

Click here to book a sesh at WTHN – located at 20 W 22nd St. in NYC (right down the street from our by CHLOE. Flatiron!).

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