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The first time we met Skylar Stecker, she was having lunch with a group of 20 young fans at the West Village, NYC by CHLOE. restaurant. She joined her guests for a meet-and-greet, and graciously answered all of their (countless and extremely enthusiastic) questions. At one point, Skylar broke out into song (Redemption – her latest single) at a request from a fan, and the entire restaurant fell silent in awe…

Judging by Skylar’s appearance and energy, such a powerful and emotional voice is not unexpected. She carries herself with confidence, grace and kindness. The catch? SKYLAR IS 16 YEARS OLD. Most people aren’t this “cool” with themselves until well into their 20’s…

Another reason we love Skylar is that she follows a vegan diet and lifestyle! Plants fuel Skylar’s days running around to interviews, studio visits and balancing time with friends and family.

You heard it here: Skylar Steckers name is one that you’re going to hear more and more. Get to know her in our Q+A!



by CHLOE.: Hi Skylar. Thanks for chatting with us (we are huge fans)! Please introduce yourself.

Skylar Stecker: Hi everyone! I’m Skylar Stecker and I am so happy to have the opportunity to chat with you all today!


bC: How did you get your start in the music industry? Did you always know you wanted to be a musician?

SS: When I was 9 years old, I signed up for a school talent show to play the piano but they asked me to sing instead for the audition. Later, finding out that I got in for singing and not for the piano, I was shocked because I had never sang before!

The minute I got on stage I knew that this was what I wanted to do forever! From there, I started performing The National Anthem locally and eventually all over the U.S., writing my own music, and released my first independent EP at 12.


bC: We love your latest single “Redemption”! What do you hope people can take away from this song?

SS: This song means a lot to me because I want people who hear it to feel empowered, and not sit and wait for things or depend on others to make things happen. Instead, I am encouraging people to take matters into their own hands by working hard and going after what they want. To be their own “Redemption.”


bC: Talk to us about your plant-based journey. What inspired you to adopt a vegan lifestyle?

SS: I started off as a vegetarian when I was 8. I am a huge animal lover, and when I figured out that meat = animals, I was so disgusted and sad. I did research on how terribly animals are treated in the meat, dairy, entertainment, and fur industries, and I decided to become vegan at about age 12. Not only is being vegan great for your health, but its great for the environment. And, you’re saving lives daily.


bC: Tell us about your work with PETA.

SS: Working with PETA is amazing. What they do every day to stop corporations and people from abusing and killing animals is incredible.


bC: Do you have any tips for people looking to get more involved with the plant-based movement?

SS: For anyone who wants to explore the vegan life, it’s a lot easier then you might think. There are substitutions for everything! So don’t let that stop you from saving animals lives!


bC: You are so young, and already have an incredible career! What do you hope to accomplish next?

SS: Everything! I have so many goals…I want to be one of the greats, so with that comes a lot of hard work. I’m always trying to find ways I can grow and get better at my craft everyday.

The main goal right now though is to get my album and my music heard by everyone! I would also love to go on a major tour this year! And of course, break records, win Grammys, and take over the world! 😉


bC: Do you have any mentors or role models that have helped you navigate your career? What is a great piece of advice you’ve received?

SS: My mom is my role model. She’s the best! I hope one day to become even half the person she is. My whole family has been so supportive and my biggest fans since day on. I am so grateful for them.


bC: What is a great piece of advice you’ve received?

SS: The best piece of advise I’ve ever gotten was probably from my grandpa. He always said “Dare To Dream.” So simple, yet so powerful. Everyone should go after what they love. You only have one life, so don’t waste it on something that you don’t love and that isn’t you.



Dream musician to collaborate with? Bruno Mars.

Favorite place on earth? California, New York, or Italy.

Dream dinner guest? Beyonce.

Favorite meal to cook? Anything sweet.

3 objects you can’t live without? My phone + headphones (so I can listen to music) and a keyboard.

Emoji that best describes you? The crying laughing face ?.

Secret talent? I can do a pretty good Shakira impression and burp the alphabet.