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New month, new round of SNACKS, courtesy of our friends at BUBBLE! April is here, which means spring is here, and we could not be more excited for the good weather to finally come! If seasonal depression is getting you down, get ready to be rejuvenated and back to a happier version of yourself with these bright and light plant-based goodies perfect for spring! We’re talking edible flowers, pink granola and more…

PS: Check out our interview with BUBBLE Founder, Jessica Young.


Flora Infusion Collection ($35.00)

The most beautiful and photogenic teas we have ever laid our eyes on, these dried tea florals unravel slowly and beautifully in your tea cups. Find a lotus flower, rose flower and chrysanthemum infusion inside this collection of gluten-free and paleo teas! Take them out for special occasions or keep them for yourself and sip during a warm bath #selfcare.

Raw Fresh Herb Crackers ($7.50)

Time to stop settling for cardboard-tasting crackers, these raw and fresh crackers are great by themselves or dipped into hummus to transport you to the shores of the Mediterranean. Made of almond flour paired perfectly with rosemary and thyme, we also love them with our favorite plant-based cheeses! Whoever said that vegans can’t charcuter-ize…

Garden Granola Bottle ($10.55)

The bright pink hue of this delish and refreshing granola gives us all the spring vibes in a bottle. It’s the perfect crunchy addition to all our smoothie bowls and for upgrading our avo toasts. You’re gonna loooove this blend of gluten-free grains, seeds and nuts and fresh produce (like beets, pineapple, ginger, lemons, and apple).


Roasted Hazelnut & Cacao Oatmeal ($24.99)

Our current go-to, quick breakfast snack for when we’re running late in the morning! You can leave these in the fridge for ready to grab overnight oats or pop in the microwave for a minute or two in the morning. It’s delish with raspberries, strawberries or banana slices. If you wanna be extra, add a scoop of Hella for some chocolatey hazelnut goodness (nothing like a chocolate shock to start your day!).

Edible Flowers Kit ($22.00)

Pretty houseplants, that you can EAT?! This last one isn’t exactly a snack, but this adorable kit comes just in time for the brighter days ahead! Perfect for those with a green thumb or as a starter kit for those who can barely keep a plant alive for longer than a week. PS. These herbs are in self-watering planters, which means fresh herbs all day, every day!