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A Letter From Our Founder

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Samantha Wasser

One in eight will suffer from infertility. That’s over seven million women in America alone. Some reasons for this can be explained, but for many like myself, there is no explanation.

As I look back on my own journey, I wish I knew more about my own fertility options and felt strong enough to speak up sooner. Once I did, I was able to find a community of loving, supporting, and inspiring women who are the reason I am able to fully breathe again today.

Fertility is still a taboo subject – but why? Who are we offending by speaking up? Why is it shameful to embrace your own journey and share, learn, and rely on one another? What do we gain from keeping it a secret? Who are we helping? The answer is NO ONE. We need to come together and change the conversation.

May was truly one of the hardest months for me, suffering in silence year after year. This year, May is a bit brighter for me with baby James’ arrival, but I still grieve for all of my losses.

Over the last few months I have been working with the help of my incredible by CHLOE. team on creating a meaningful campaign to celebrate ALL women during the month of May.

At by CHLOE. we pride ourselves on being a brand that is strong enough to stand up for causes we are passionate about, push the boundaries around social norms, and not shy away from addressing real, human issues (even if uncomfortable) that our customers may be dealing with day to day.

That’s why we’re partnering with Kindbody and Robyn for Beyond Mother’s Day, to destigmatize fertility and women’s health and create safe spaces for honest conversations. Our goal is to advance the narrative on improving support for all paths to parenthood.

With a calendar of free in-person events in NYC and a digital awareness campaign on our Instagram led by real women with real experiences, join us as we push Beyond Mother’s Day to a positive place where everyone can feel WELCOMED, HEARD, and SUPPORTED.

During the month of May, by CHLOE. will also partner with Baby Quest Foundation, a non-profit that provides financial assistance to couples struggling to afford the high rice of fertility treatments. 50% of the proceeds from the Beyond Mother’s Day Cupcake will be donated to Baby Quest Foundation.



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