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Alli Kasirer

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Q+A w/ the founder of Robyn

Alli Kasirer is changing the fertility conversation.

Originally entering the blogging space as FertileGirl, Alli created a superfood bar that was designed to be eaten pre-pregnancy. What she accidentally created was an incredible digital community that was consistently supporting other women and pushing the boundaries on the conversations around starting a family.

This community is now known as Robyn and has expanded to support women from pre-pregnancy into early motherhood. Even quickly scrolling through Robyn’s Instagram gives insight into the important work Alli and her team are doing by sharing open and honest stories from real women. Over the last year, Alli has worked on creating Robyn into digital platform that provides access to a network of integrative maternal wellness tools, resources, and specialists.

We are thrilled to have Robyn as a partner in our Beyond Mother’s Day campaign! The platform is a digital extension of the conversations we are having at in-person events throughout May.

by CHLOE. X Kindbody X Robyn have joined forces this May to make sure no one feels left out this Mother’s Day. Learn more information about our Beyond Mother’s Day campaign here.



by CHLOE.: Hi Alli! Thanks for chatting with us. We’re so excited about partnering with you for Beyond Mother’s Day. Please introduce yourself, and tell us about your company, Robyn. 

Alli Kasirer: My name is Alli Kasirer, and I am the founder of Robyn. Robyn is a community-driven digital platform 
that provides access to a network of integrative 
maternal wellness tools, resources, and specialists. 
The company was born out of my personal fertility journey. After countless procedures, false hopes, negative pregnancy tests and a sea of unanswered questions, I didn’t see failure, I saw an opportunity. Instead of giving up, I took matters into my own hands, learning all I could about managing my stress and taking better care of my body. Having this newfound experience, I set out on a mission to make sure no other woman ever felt as alone and confused as I once did on my fertility journey. My story has a happy ending! I have twin toddler boys via IVF and a newborn boy from a natural pregnancy (surprise)!


bC: Talk to us about your personal fertility journey. What challenges did you face, and how did Robyn become your outlet for dealing with these challenges?

AK: When it comes to fertility, the challenges mostly fall into three buckets: physical, emotional, and financial. My two greatest challenges were both mostly emotional (with a little physical too). The first was feeling alone and isolated. The way I dealt with that was going to see a reproductive therapist who encouraged me to start opening up to people that I loved. Well, I took that to the extreme. I talked to friends, specialists – anyone that would listen. Ultimately, I shared our journey on social media and women and families from all over the country reached out to support me and share their own journeys. Very quickly, we became a platform for sharing all different paths to parenthood. That’s where Robyn began.

The second challenge was feeling that the process was, “out of my control.” I dealt with that by starting to control the things that I could control – making healthy lifestyle choices, i.e. nutrition, acupuncture, therapy, yoga, etc. I built my tribe – wellness providers that specialized in pre-pregnancy to compliment my primary care. That’s where the other side of Robyn fell into place. Now we offer a curated selection of maternal wellness professionals with a variety of philosophies and specialties.


bC: With over 19K followers (on Instagram alone), your platform is clearly something that resonates with the community. Why do you think Robyn is so popular? When did you decide to transform your personal experience into a company?

AK: I think what’s resonated with people the most on Instagram is our ‘real talk’. Amidst a sea of aspirational content, we stand out by being really raw, open and honest about different paths to parenthood. Starting a family is not a one-fits-all-approach and that’s the messaging we’ve had from the very beginning. As I was going through my own journey, I felt really strongly about becoming a fertility advocate – someone who could help destigmatize, demystify, and democratize the path to parenthood. I became more and more passionate about the fertility and wellness worlds and where and how they can intersect.  I took a leave of absence from my job (finance) when I was going through IVF treatments and decided to leave permanently to pursue this passion and purpose.


bC: You are now a mother of three! If you could give yourself any advice a few years ago amidst your struggle, what would it be?

AK: When we did IVF to have the twins, I mourned not having that “traditional” experience. Surprising your husband. Surprising your family. But you know what? Now, that I’ve had both experiences…it doesn’t feel different at all. I wish I could go back to my former self and comfort her that all that “Hollywood SH*T” is really, truly SH*T. I now fully appreciate that whether you have a child naturally, through IUI or IVF, use an egg or sperm donor, surrogate, embryo adoption, adoption etc etc – it is BEAUTIFUL and REAL and SPECIAL and you are a PARENT regardless of your path to parenthood.


bC: What is next for you, and for Robyn? Tell us about your hopes and dreams, and where you’d like to see your company in the next 5 years.

AK: We envision a world in which a person’s right to 
 parenthood is their prerogative, and can be realized 
without stigma or socioeconomic barriers.  That’s what we’re working towards everyday. Our new tools and resources are our next attempt at getting closer to that vision. There are three main sections of Robyn’s new platform: (1) Journeys to Parenthood, (2) Educational Resources, and (3) Provider Network.

In our Journeys to Parenthood section, we want you to know that you’re not in this alone. Robyn offers guidance and support across all paths to parenthood, with collective wisdom from personal and unfiltered experiences of a community who has been through it all.

When it comes to educational resources, there’s no shortage of online advice
 on every fertility and pregnancy topic under the sun, but it takes precious time and energy to determine credibility. Robyn eliminates this guesswork by providing educational content from qualified maternal wellness experts across a range of specialties.The best reproductive health resources should be easy to find and accessible to all.

Robyn’s definition of maternal wellness prioritizes holistic, end-to-end care, from pre-pregnancy to early parenthood. Our provider network is a meticulously curated selection of maternal specialists, with a variety of philosophies and specialties to complement your primary care.


bC: Why are you excited to partner with by CHLOE. and Kindbody for the Beyond Mother’s Day campaign?

AK: I first met Samantha Wasser, founder of by CHLOE., when we were on our own fertility journeys.  While we had different experiences at the time, we both found it immensely helpful to have support and community while going through it. Not only did we strike up a friendship, but as two entrepreneurs, we felt passionately about changing the fertility conversation. A few years and a few babies later, we are incredibly proud to be launching this Beyond Mother’s Day campaign as a collaboration between by CHLOE., Robyn, and Kindbody in an effort to celebrate and support all women and families on different paths to parenthood. During my own fertility journey, I remember some really tough Mother’s Days. You are surrounded by pregnant bellies, pictures of other peoples’ babies, and reminder after reminder that you are not yet “in the club.” That’s exactly what Beyond Mothers Day is about – a campaign to make sure no one feels left out this month. To provide valuable programming both in-person and online and create a more inclusive community.




3 objects you can’t live without? Phew! That’s hard. I’m not super attached to things but I guess I’d say my phone, computer, and hair dryer. So I guess you can read that as I’m a vain workaholic 🙂

Favorite meal to cook? I’m a terrible cook but good for a yummy Mexican-style breakfast dish. Throw in some eggs, black beans, pico, guac. I don’t know if that’s technically Huevos Rancheros but that’s what I call it in my house.

Secret superpower? Does being a science and engineering super-nerd count?

Favorite place on earth? Park City, Utah.

Whatcha readin’? Bad Blood! The Elizabeth Holmes story is fascinating to me.

Dream dinner guest? Alanis Morissette.