Photograph of Candace, photograph of Victory, and a photograph of Tim and and Candace collaged on an orange and blue graphic background.

My Journey: Candace Farris

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A Letter From An IVF Mom and Infertility Warrior

The goal of our Beyond Mother’s Day campaign, in partnership with Robyn and Kindbody, is to destigmatize fertility and women’s health issues, and creating safe spaces for honest conversations. We thank Candace Farris for already doing this work by sharing her fertility journey on her Instagram and Youtube channel. Candace not only shares her story, but also serves as a guiding light for other women and couples going through their own struggles.

Candace and her husband, Tim, went through a 10 year fertility journey that included many difficulties like surgery, personal struggles, Male Factor Infertility, and a failed round of IVF. We are happy to share that their story has a happy ending with the birth of their beautiful daughter, Victory. As much as Candace celebrates her family, she always makes sure to celebrate and support other women who are still trying to conceive. Read on to learn more about Candace’s path to parenthood.

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