Photo of Kate and Lita collaged against a green background with a Baby Quest logo.

Our Journey: Kate + Lita

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Baby Quest Grant Recipients

As part of Beyond Mother’s Dayby CHLOE. is partnering with Baby Quest Foundation, a non-profit that provides financial assistance to couples struggling to afford the high price of fertility treatments. All month long, 50% of the proceeds from our Beyond Mother’s Day Cupcake will be donated to Baby Quest Foundation.

Throughout the month, we’re sharing journeys to parenthood that were made possible by a grant from Baby Quest Foundation. Last week, we read about Latisha’s Journey. This week, we’re hearing from Simone and Antonio and Kate and Lita. 

Read on for Kate + Lita’s incredibly inspiring story.

Curious to learn more about this amazing organization? Check out our Q+A with Baby Quest Founder, Pamela Hirsch.