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Staying Grounded While Mom-ing

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W/ Jackie Stewart of MNDFL Meditation

Dealing with fertility diagnoses, treatments and being a mom in general can be A LOT. The stress of wishing to have a child, to actually having one, can take a serious toll on mental health, and can have you feeling irritable, overwhelmed and out of control. That’s why as part of Beyond Mother’s Day, we’re asking you to take the time to mother yourself.

We asked Jackie Stewart, a meditation teacher at MNDFL to join us for our May 8th event, “Mother Yourself.” There will be free acupuncture from WTHN, meditation (led by Jackie), as well as a panel on nutrition and wellness led by leading experts from Kindbody and Robyn. Not to mention free by CHLOE. food, sweets and drinks!

Check out Jackie’s advice for staying grounded through motherhood, and check out our Beyond Mother’s Day Instagram Story Highlights for more from Jackie!

Slowing down and finding gentleness is where my feet touch the ground in my motherhood practice… and yes, motherhood is an intentional practice for me. 

When I slow down I notice more. I notice when I might be caught up, when I’m holding on to an expectation, when I’m running an old narrative that doesn’t help the current situation. I notice when I’m being hard on myself, and when I’m being hard on myself that usually means I’m being hard on the people around me. Cue the gentleness. When I can give myself this kind of space, and meet my experiences with acceptance rather than judgement… there’s a sense of ease that sets in. A sense of okay-ness with myself, and that the next moment is workable. That I can approach it with intention. 

When I slow down, I can show up for the people around me because I’m actually paying attention to them. I can take them in with interest. I can become curious about experiencing the world through their eyes, and this creates a feeling of connection and understanding. One of the most incredible gifts that becoming a mother has done for me, is being able to re-experience the world in a brand new way, through the eyes of my son. Becoming interested in what interests him. When I slow down, I can remember what is important in my life. For me, this is connection, this is grounding. 

xo Jackie