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Q+A W/ Lash Artist + Esthetician, Jas Imani

Have you ever seen a friend and think they look better than ever, but can’t place the exact change? It’s not a new haircut or a great outfit, nor is it the glow of being in love, or the visible benefits of a plant-based diet (although we recommend it). If you’re stumped, there is a chance that their bright-eyed beauty stems from a recent visited to Jas Imani. Jas specializes in lash extensions and Keratin Lash Lifts that are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, paraben free and formaldehyde-free. Keratin Lash Lifts do not attach false lashes, but rather enhance each individual lash, and then tint them for a thicker, darker look.

We love Jas‘ approach to beauty, which combines her holistic upbringing with her background in fashion. She incorporates seasonal trends in her work, but always personalizes each treatment to complement a client’s facial features. Jas views herself as an artist, and treats her work like an art form. We completely agree!

Check out our Q+A w/ Jas below to learn more about her beauty business!


Selfie of Jas and her son


by CHLOE.: Hi Jasmine! Thanks for chatting with us. Please introduce yourself.

Jasmine Imani: Hi! I’m Jasmine aka Jas and my beauty business is Jas Imani. I am a lash artist and beauty entrepreneur.


bC: Tell us how it all began! Have you always been into beauty? What inspired you to start your own lash extension business?

JI: One day I did that thing where you quit your job, leave your nice salary plus benefits behind, and went to esthetician school full time. It sounds a little crazy but it really isn’t. I promote switching things up when you feel like it’s time for a change.

I went to esthetician school with the plan of mastering extensions. I really wanted to learn the art form myself before expanding the vision. While in school I got interested in lash lifting as well. I chose lashes because for one, I had been getting extensions myself for the past 10 years because mascaras would make my eyes itchy. And two, there was something missing in the market – lash extensions were either very high or low and not much in between. No one has made this lash experience an actual experience. There also is not enough education on how to care for and grow your natural lashes.

I’ve always been into to beauty, but more-so just into my hair and very light make up… like lip gloss lol. As I’ve gotten older, I got really into skincare and also like to play with makeup. I’ve always thought some good lashes, brows and skin is all you really need. My mom wasn’t into make-up, shaving or products that weren’t organic. But she LOVED some MAC lipstick. I call that balance.

I grew up in a clean/holistic household so everything I thought was weird growing up, I am all over now.


bC: The lash extensions and lifts you perform focus on personalization and highlighting client’s facial features. How does your approach differ from other estheticians?

JI: I keep it natural! I want anything I add on to your eyes to look real. I like to take in your eye shape, lash health and vibe when designing what’s going to be most flattering for your face.

I also expect my clients to take care of their lashes. I am an artist and if you love my work then you respect the process. You wouldn’t come to me for a heavy set of lash extensions. I won’t do them… that’s just not my thing. I keep it natural 😉

I’m ok with not being the lash artist for everyone, but if you are my client your natural lashes are going to thrive. I completely zone-out when working with tiny little lashes. I don’t think people realize how meticulous it is to work with lashes one by one. It is an art form to me.


bC: The lash lifts you perform are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and are free of harsh chemicals, and parabens. Why is this important to you? Tell us about the ingredients you use, and and benefits of your method.

JI: I grew up in a clean household. My mom raised us vegan and very holistic. That went into all the products used in our household, how we treated things, and a lot of my views on the world I grew up in. I believe in balance with everything, and to do what feels good. So with beauty, I like to keep it as clean as possible, but understand that chemistry of somethings will not let that be. There is enough crap around us and I believe the things we put on or in our body should be the best of the best. That shouldn’t have to be a luxury but a standard we set.

Keratin is the big component in my lifts. Keratin is what your lashes are made of and is a protein. The structure of your lash is broken down and then infused with additional keratin. With a proper lift, and adding additional nutrients to you lashes, you will see growth. I also have my clients use raw coconut oil to keep the lashes hydrated which, with a lift or not, is wonderful for your lashes.


bC: We love your Instagram grid and brand aesthetic! How did you determine your “look”?

JI: Ah THANK U! So my background in fashion for 15 years plays a big role in how I wanted to approach this business. I was a creative director and a buyer. I’ve done about everything behind the scenes. I like to approach my brand and business the same way we approach fashion in the industry. Like most creatives, I moodboard every season and approach each quarter as my new collection. I go by seasons and like to set a tone that will helps you feel something. I have never been a big talker but a big observer. I like to communicate through visuals, I love when something you see shifts you or awakens something. I think everything you do should be apart of your flow. It’s really how I began to have a big respect for beauty.


bC: What is your overall approach to beauty? Any “desert island” products?

JI: It starts inside. For me I notice the biggest changes in my skin by the things I ingest. So I guess my item is Apple Cider Vinegar. I strive to keep my body alkalined. I learned this at an early age from my mother. You would never catch her without a glass of lemon water… like never. She always had the best skin. If I had to pick one item it would be May Coop Raw Sauce. It’s 93% Maple Tree Sap.


bC: Any advice for someone considering a lash extension or lift?

JI: Lash health starts with you, and I am of course here to guide/coach. I am always going to start you with a plan to get your lashes to their best potential, then everything else after that should just be an enhancement, not a fix. I think all beauty should be approached this way. If you want extensions they should not be a cover-up.


bC: What do you like to do when you aren’t growing your business? Any hobbies?

JI: Grow my business a little more lol. I once thought that might be unhealthy but I’ve come to peace that creating brings me joy. So yeah I am one of those. I am also a mommy so conversations with my 4 year old are amazing, and on the other side of that, alone time. Just thinking about time by myself gets me excited lol.


Grid of red, yellow, and orange photographs from Jas's website.



3 objects you can’t live without? I honestly can’t think of anything. Does my son count? I’m going to go with that.

Best binge-worthy TV show? Right now… Shrill, Pen 15, Working Moms.

Favorite place on earth? I don’t think I’ve been there yet.

Whatcha readin’? The Courage To Create by Rollo May.

Savory or sweet? Sweet.

Dream dinner guest? Erykah Badu.

Favorite by CHLOE. Dish? Nicoise Salad.