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Q+A w/ Co-Founders, Will + Julie Horowitz

Meet Will and Julie Horowitz….the masterminds behind the Carrot Dog! This brother-sister duo are experts in smoked meats, yet they have created an innovative plant-based eat. Using years of experience and refined techniques (+ a little magic), Will and Julie perfected a five day smoking process that turns a regular ole carrot into a CARROT DOG. The final product has the bite and flavor of a hotdog, minus the preservatives and artificial ingredients.

Will and Julie own and operate the restaurants Duck’s Eatery and Harry & Ida’s, a sandwich counter and general store named for their great grandparents who opened a kosher deli in Harlem about a century ago. The pair are focused on combining past traditions with innovative, sustainable processes.

We are so excited to partner with Will and Julie and the Harry & Ida’s team to offer a clean, satisfying plant-based version of everyone’s favorite American classic. Served New York style w/ Sir Kensington’s Yellow Mustard, Sauerkraut + Potato Bun, the Carrot Dog is pretty much the best thing to eat this summer. Read on to learn more about the King and Queen of Smoked Meats!

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by CHLOE.: Hi Will and Julie! Thanks for chatting with us. Please introduce yourselves.

Julie Horowitz: Howdy! We are brother and sister from just outside of NYC. We have been working together in restaurants for a decade – or longer if you count our wildly successful roadside lemonade stand in 1992. We own Ducks Eatery and Harry & Ida’s Meat and Supply Co., in the East Village.


bC: Tell us how it all began! How did your love affair with smoked foods begin, and what were you both doing before founding Ducks Eatery?

JH: We both spent a fair amount of time as kids camping in the outdoors, learning to cook over open fire and little whisperlite stoves. I think the taste of smoked foods still reminds us both of living outside in nature, and has since become a centerpiece of much of our menu these days. Before opening Ducks Eatery in 2012, we opened inside of SPiN New York back in 2009. Prior to that, we were both living overseas – Will cooking his way through Nepal, Myanmar and Thailand, while I was teaching on Réunion Island.


bC: Your smoked watermelon “ham” went viral this fall. What initially inspired you to smoke food other than meats?

Will Horowitz: We wanted to save the planet… and ourselves! We’re constantly exploring creative new ideas to find a more sustainable, forward-looking approach to preparing delicious, accessible food. Plus, we get bored and curious sometimes!


bC: We are so excited to partner with Ducks Eatery to launch a Carrot Hot Dog. Tell our readers about the preparation and smoking process behind this menu item?

WH: What is fun about the way we’ve created the carrot dog and many of our other dishes is that we’ve used the same techniques learned from years of applying it to meat charcuterie. We smoke all of our carrots over local oak and maple wood for hours, using our top secret Harry & Ida spice and cure blend.


bC: Congrats on the announcement of your new cookbook, Salt Smoke Time. Has a cookbook always been a goal of yours? Other than tasty recipes, what else can readers expect in its pages?

WH: We’ve always wanted to write a cookbook! I had originally gone to school for writing before becoming a chef. Readers can expect to see everything from how to start a sustainable garden in their own apartment or backyard to learning about foraging for wild mushrooms and plants – and how to cook and smoke pretty much everything from an actual ham to a watermelon ham!

JH: I used to dream of becoming a children’s book illustrator! Salt, Smoke, Time was the perfect opportunity to step into that world, and allowed me to learn how to watercolor using subject matter that I care a lot about and love to study.


bC: Best and worst parts about working with your sibling?

JH+WH: We get to spend a lot of time together! We get to spend a lot of time together!


bC: We reached out to you because we were eager to work with such innovators – pushing the limits of your craft. Why are you guys excited to work with us at by CHLOE.?

JH+WH: We are so excited to partner with by CHLOE. because you are paving the way for some of the most important work out there. Not only are you making plant-based food more accessible to the world, but you’re making it delicious, too!




Favorite food to smoke? 

JH: Clams & Mussels!

WH: Seaweed!


Best binge-worthy TV series? 

JH: Jeopardy.

WH: Planet Earth II.


Three favorite restaurants?

WH: Sunday in Brooklyn, Lhasa Fast food and my mom’s house in the Northfork of Long Island.

JH:  Il Passatore, Ping’s Seafood & also our mom’s house. Nothing beats our annual clambake/family reunion.


Last song you listened to? 

JH:Never Going Back Again Fleetwood Mac.

WH:Incense And Peppermint by Strawberry Alarm Clock.


Favorite place you ever visited? 

JH: Rosewood forests in Madagascar.

WH: Northern Nepal.


Whatcha reading?

JH:  The News, followed immediately by puppy and piglet pictures.

WH: This incredible new cookbook “Salt Smoke Time”… duh!


Choice superhero power? 

JH:  The ability to speak every language and communicate with anyone.

WH: Teleportation… Imagine, between meeting beach breaks!


Morning person or night owl? 

JH: Night owl all the way.

WH: Both, it’s an issue.


Three objects you can’t live without? 

JH: Offset spatula, my Camp Walden coffee mug & my Grandma’s 1944 Joy of Cooking.

WH: Knife, skis & mushrooms.