The World’s Greatest Competitive Eater

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Q+A w/ The King of Hotdogs, Takeru Kobayashi

If Kobayashi loves the Carrot Dog, you will TOO! Takeru Kobayashi is the most famous competitive eater in the world and rose to fame by DOUBLING the record at Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. He has since won Guinness World Records for eating meatballs, Twinkies, tacos, hamburgers, pizza, ice cream, and pasta. You might think Kobayashi is all hotdogs all the time, but when he is not competing, Kobi is actually focused on eating a healthy and clean diet. This is why the Carrot Dog, made without artificial flavors or foreign ingredients, is his perfect match! Kobayashi has helped us revolutionize the hot dog world and together we’re changing lives (not exaggerating.)

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by CHLOE.: Hi Kobayashi! Thanks for chatting with us. Please introduce yourself:

Takeru Kobayashi: I am a hot dog eater. I love hot dogs, but today I want to introduce you to the Carrot Dog.


bC: You are the most famous competitive eater in the world, and completely revolutionized the sport! How did you get started!?

TK: One night in college I was out with my friends and came across a restaurant that was hosting a food challenge. I ate 14lbs of curry rice in 6 minutes and won! I was then scouted by a Japanese TV show, and was soon brought to America to compete professionally. I continue to dominate 20 years later.


bC: What is your typical diet when you’re not competing?

TK: I really care about my health and clean eating. I do not eat hot dogs everyday, but I can eat by CHLOE. Carrot Dogs everyday.


bC: What’s your favorite hotdog accessory?

TK: I have many hot dog accessories including a phone case, earrings, salt + pepper shaker, hats, and socks. So many things!


bC: How do you train for competitions?

TK: About 3 months before a competition I start to drink a lot of water until I can drink three gallons of water to expand my stomach. But, don’t try this at home (I wont find it funny).


bC: We love your style. What are you inspired by?

TK: I am inspired by many things including traveling, underground culture, weird people, dogs, and especially Carrot Dogs!