Photo from the movie Love Actually, of a man holding up a sign that says " To me, you are perfect."


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It’s time. Hop off the D(enial) train because the holidays are ho ho HERE. They’re the best of times; they’re the most stressful of times. We don’t have to tell you; you know how the holidays go… dysFUNctional at best. Our to-do list of holiday parties to attend, gifts to buy, and egg-nog to drink aren’t getting any shorter. Let us save you some thyme so you can party more and panic less! Tis’ the season of giving, so we are ve-giving you a VEGAN gift-guide, so you ve-get all the vegans in your life (or treat yourself to) the perfect gift.Β 

Truffle Hot Sauce.

SAY NO MORE! *chef kiss* πŸ˜™πŸ‘Œ

Plants For Beginners Subscription

The gift that keeps on giving and growing! We love plants! Not only do plants make things pretty, but they too are blooming with benefits. From producing oxygen to cleaning the air you breathe! Even if your receive-y’s thumb is more nail art than green, NOT TO WORRY! This subscription is created with new plant parents in mind, including particular plants that are everything we are not… low maintenance.Β Β 

Vegan AF Beanie

Baby, it’s cold outside. This equally cozy + cute beanie will keep your head toasty! Bye-bye brain freeze!

Glossier Glitter Gelee

Fact: Glitter makes everything better. Euphoria proved that with the glitter eye lewks they served last season. This sparkly set is just the thing to help you transform your everyday drab to fab!Β 

Le Dew Dewy Mini CloudΒ Humidifier

Winter is hard on the skin! Combat dry skin with the Scute Le Dew Dewy Mini Humidifier diffuser. Best of all, it’s portable. So pack it up and take this on-the-go spa with you! Sure, people will probably look at you funny, BUT no doubt they will wish their skin is as dewy as yew!

Fill French Market Tote Bag

Don’t mess with mama! Mother Earth does so much for us the least we can do is BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag.) This mesh bag is the perfect gift for your plastic hating pals + the planet!Β 

Hydro Flask Bottle

REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE, RIHANNA. You know the drill. Reducing plastic should be everyones New Years Resolution. The Hydro Flask is a great way to start.Β And I OOP! And I what? If you are not familiar with this phrase chances are you’re not on Tik Tok. Gen Z babies know VSCO girls will never be seen without their Hydroflasks. While sporting one is mostly to fit their brand, it’s nonetheless a positive effort to SAVE THE TURTLES. Warning might induce “sksksking,” puka shell wearing and scrunchies-hoarding.Β Β