Photo from the television show, The Office, of the cast taking their Office Holiday Card


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Happy HOLLA Days Playlist

Are you ready to jingle your bells?! Yes? No? The holidays bring out one of two kinds of people. There are those who identify with Buddy the elf and vomit red and green onto every scene the minute the the minute the clock strikes midnight on Thanksgiving night. On the other end of the spectrum, there are those who want to hibernate through the holidays past the smell of peppermint, not to be disturbed until January 2nd. Some might call these people Grinches, for lack of a better word. No judgment here, whatever side you lean towards is a-ok! However, it’s happening whether you fa la, love it or ho, ho hate the holiday szn.

Nevertheless, tis the season of giving, and by CHLOE. is gifting you a happy HOLLA days playlist, aka a mashup of holiday hits, and just straight-up bangers. These tunes contain the best of both worlds, from All I Want For Christmas Is You to Light’s Up. So, whether all you Mariah Carey about is jingling those bells, or you just need something to tune in to tune out grandma asking if you have a significant other, these jingles will sleigh your day! Happy HOLLA Days!