Photo of the interior of Union Square West by CHLOE.


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HEY NYC! by CHLOE. #9 …OH, SHE FINE! We opened up our ninth by CHLOE. in New York City this December, and it’s the gift that keeps on giving. We are pretty obsessed with this spot. It’s bright and beautiful, and we just wanna move right into it. Our new space is a little different than our usual vibe. Of course, we are serving up all our classics you know and love, but we put a little twist on our traditional decor style. To pay homage to the beloved Coffee Shop that held down the block for all those years, for our Union Square West location, we are throwing it back to the diner days with our oh so shiny banquets and drum roll, please… MYLKSHAKES! While you must see the space for yourself, we can’t contain our excitement any longer, so without further ado, we give you our newest and most colorful store yet!

BEET THERE OR BE (UNION) SQUARE! Or stay home and order here!



It’s lit..thanks to our giant neon rainbow sign! While you won’t find gold at the end of this rainbow, you will find the kiosk to order food, which is dare we say better than gold.

Photo of Rainbow Neon Light Sign


Did you fall from the vending machine? Because you’re looking like a snack! Introducing our very first SNACK STATION! Everyone knows keeping a plant-based snack at arms-reach is one of the vegan commandments. From Smart Sweets to Louisville Vegan Jerky, we have all the vegan yum to fill your tum! Hasta la vista hanger!


Rise Sit and shine! We are obsessed with our new shiny seats! Pile in with your pals, and enjoy some chicky


Did we mention we have MYLKSHAKES?! Kelis said her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. Our Mylkshakes bring all the vegans to Union Square. Whether you are more of a chocolate or vanilla person, we got you covered. Choose from Chocolately Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, or treat yourself to both! 


Everyone is familiar with selfies, but have you heard of a belfie? Contrary to popular belief, the bathroom selfie is just what your Instagram feed ordered. Just look at our fab our taxi cab wallpaper is!